Scarlet Bandana

The Scarlet Bandanna is a bandit group based in Accacia with their main base being the Scarlet Hideout located in the middle south Dusty Ranges, while Red Island exists as the spiritual home of the organization, being the family castle of the Rouge family.

The group operates like a corporate business, with their central base housing both henchmen and businessmen. the company is headed by a board of 5 directors, on this board is the company’s CDO and de facto leader, Artemis Rouge.

The Rouge family founded the organization 100s of years ago to prevent Blexus ever being awoken

The group are known for terrorizing the nearby gnomish village of Applestock and the Goblin town of Mudd to make money.

The group was involved in a large scale plan involving Evergreen Keep and Grainfare, leading a resistance against the secret society, Sayt-Oh, who themselves had a large scale plan to awaken the dragon, Content Not Found: blexus that succeeded in 1-13: Blood is Thicker.

Jeremiah Sharp was once a member, managing their operations in Applestock, after losing several henchmen and inspiring a group of adventurers to attack their headquarters, he was fired by Artemis Rouge in Evergreen Keep, he later went on to become the Green Baron in 2-0: Operation: Granny Smith.

The group has largely disbanded, with a majority of their members killed, while others joining Jeremiah’s Barony and some forming their own off-shoot groups such as the Black Ash Rebellion

Scarlet Bandana

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