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The Kingdom of Sezony: Summary.

A collection of 5 islands, the outermost being vassals of the innermost island Grandlake, the human island, and subsequently the other islands are ruled by the monarch, King George Sezony II.

The other 4 islands: the isle of spring, Accacia; the isle of Summer and home to the gnomes, Tierra del Sol; The Isle of Autumn and home to the elves, Decidua; and the isle of Winter, and home to the dwarves, Winterhold. these 4 islands are controlled by lords put in place by the king.
There are numerous other lands, far away, they include the Western Wildlands, Xi and the Northern Wastes

The Story So Far

3 years ago, a group of adventurers along with the secret dragon-worshipping society, Sayt-Oh, broke the first seal and released the great dragon Blexus from his extra-planar prison and back into the material plane, the adventurers dying in the process. Blexus and Sayt-oh cut the tethers between the material plane and that of the supposed invaders, the Feywyld. They also severed the tethers between the material plane and the heavens, cutting off contact between the gods and mortals.

Following this, they were quick to attempt the seizure of control of the kingdom of Sezony, presumably to restart the purge of the weak – those without dragon heritage – as the dragons had previously attempted in the event known as the “The Great Purge”. Sayt-Oh easily took control of Accacia, Grandlake and Tierra del Sol. Winterhold and Decidua are still majority controlled by others however, partly due to the dragon becoming weaker the further it moves away from its seal, and the lack of influence of Sayt-Oh, and Sezony’s kingdom, on these islands.Accacia was first to be taken, the Scarlet Bandana bases being the first to be destroyed, followed by the gnome and Elven villages to the north and the human towns to the south. The Dwarven stronghold of Tartane on south-eastern tip has been closed off from the outside world and the state of its citizens is unknown.

The Deciduan civil war ended with an indefinite ceasefire after Accacia was laid to waste, the collective forces of the Elven and Human armies managed to stave off some of the encroach of Sayt-Oh’s operatives. An Human-Elven coalition still hold a large part of the island under their control, with the Elven capital being one of the bastions of Human/Elven control in Decidua.

Grandlake Island has become the main head-quarters of Sayt-oh, the city being completely controlled; there is however, a small resistance led by a congregation from the Wickedwood Monastery.

Tierra Del Sol fell swiftly after, with its small, sparse towns easy picking for Sayt-Oh’s operatives. The Xian settlement of Dakora was also destroyed, displacing a large population of Xi to one of the last remaining towns, the island capital of Waveham, which is protected by a huge and powerfully warded diamondite dome, built under the command of the paranoid Lord Wagsly.

Azanahr and his undead army in Winterhold also refused to bow to the dragons, while the nomadic barbarian tribes of Winterhold joined together under Chief Skraelinga, colloquially known as “The Savage King” and also fought off the invasion. The Dwarven kingdoms to the north, like Tartane on Accacia, have gone into lockdown and have essentially avoided contact with the outside world.

Preparing for the astral tethers to be cut once again by Dragon forces, Hermannis and Oxfore brokered a deal. One of Hermannis’ holy knights, Lennaran Freiyad, along with a small party, would cross back to the material plane through a small portal in the middle of the Telass desert, where a triangle of ancient megaliths built by worshippers of Solan will open a portal, exactly 3 years after the party’s demise. The portal is only big enough for 5 souls, and so together, Hermannis and Lennaran picked a party of 4 others and begun preparations.

However, due to the nature of the portal, it will open in the heavens 33 months prior to it happening on the material plane. Luckily, the wait for the mortal travellers will seem instantaneous.

Meanwhile, on the ground, a group of adventurers based in Waveham have made the long trek halfway across the island to search for any survivors in the village of Beefington and are returning home with only some relics and valuable items from the village, as well as an old grey-white mutt with a ram collar.

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