Evergreen Keep

Evergreen Keep was founded originally as a military base, both to guard the pass and to serve as a mustering ground for the human kingdom.
It’s semi-central location, coupled with it’s proximity to the capital, allowed the kings to easily gather their forces in times of war.
As the humans established dominance over the islands and the other races, the keep fell into disuse and disrepair. This, coupled with the increased focus on the capital and overseas wars, meant that it was becoming less and less useful to the kings.
Thus the keep’s garrison was lessened. This had the unfortunate effect of allowing bandits and goblins and other creatures almost free reign over the various villages, including Applestock.

The keep itself has always been ruled by the Evergreen family, originally a knight under the king who built it, granted it to him as his fiefdom.
As a military outpost, often the place that the men would gather before marching to war, it’s one of the few towns with a church and cult to the god of Death. Indeed, he is their main deity.
The graveyard there is also well known, where heroes of past and present are often buried.

The fort itself is a motte and bailey style, with the outer palisade protecting the village, and the stone walled keep in the centre, where the noble family lives.
The village itself is becoming more of a shanty town day by day, as people flee from the bandits and other such creatures. Often it’s used as a passage to the human capital itself by these desperates, as they try to make a life for themselves.
Unfortunately the Captain of the Guard is a little corrupt, leading to the lessening of patrols, and increasing the danger to such vagrants.

It was recently ransacked and pillaged by the nearby goblin population of Mudd, causing many of the populace to die or flee, but it is believed to be back under human control.

The party visited this town several times: [[1-6: The Journey to Evergreen Keep | 1-6: The Journey to Evergreen Keep]], [[1-7: Green, Red and Respect for the Dead | 1-7: Green, Red and Respect for the Dead]] and [[1-8: FIRE!! | 1-8: FIRE!!]]

Evergreen Keep

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