LG God of the Humans and Justice

Domains: Light, Life, Tempest

Graeus is said by some to be the first human, but by others as a great king in human history. wherever it is that his mortal soul came from, Graeus and his beliefs underlie much of human society.

Worshipers of Graeus shun the darkness, aberrations such as undeath and blood magic, as well as material sins. By removing these perversions of reality, Graeus and his worshipers believe we will achieve a utopian society.

Angels of Graeus are referred to as Archons and work to destroy the evils of the world.

See Also: Gods of the Realm
Known Worshipers: Artemis Rouge, Lotham Hawkfury, Petey of Scarlet/Unnamed Adventurer (“Bob”)/Prototype 9 (“PT9”)


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