Staff of the Adder

Staff, uncommon

weapon (melee)

You can use a bonus action to speak this staff’s command word (Ijnamuj) and make the head of the staff become that of an animate poisonous snake for 1 minute. By using another bonus action to speak the command word again, you return the staff to its normal inanimate form.

You can make a melee attack using the snake head, which has a reach of 5 feet. Your proficiency bonus applies to the attack roll and it is considered a monk weapon. On a hit, the target takes 1d6 piercing damage (or 1d8 damage if used as a versatile weapon) and must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or take 3d6 poison damage.

The snake head can be attacked while it is animate. It has an Armor Class of 15. If the head is dealt any damage, it immediately becomes inanimate and cannot be reactivated again until the next sunrise.


Staff of the Adder

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