Lennaran Freiyad

Chosen knight of Hemannis


Measuring at a relatively short 5’5" for Half-Orcs and following with that, weighing at around 160lbs. Lennaran has grey-green skin and light brown eyes with medium-short length black hair. Bears a short, faint scar above his left eyebrow.

Wears generally unextravagant clothing/armor such as leather, padded, or maybe even chain. Wears a large grey-beige hooded cloak with significant but largely faded dark brown markings on the back. Versed in the ways of a few choice weapons, Lennaran typically wields a heavy mace and buckler, keeping a dagger concealed on him as back-up.

Items to note are his mentor’s magic pendant and staff which he wears around his neck and over his back respectively. Lennaran understands both are maagical, but cannot determine in what way and as such does not use them in any manner.


Early Childhood ~6

Born to a young Human mother, Lennaran remained unnamed for the majority of his childhood and grew up in the unforgiving north of Winterhold. As a single mother and a half-orc child, living was terribly difficult for them, and by his 5th birthday Lennaran was required to steal food to survive. It was not until his 6th birthday that his life changed. His hometown, Utran was raided by swarms of apparitions led by the Lich, Azanahr. Lennaran met Enirlic that night, a wandering Cleric of Hemannis. Enirlic was able to fend off the surviving apparitions of the raid and bring the now orphaned Lennaran under his wing. Lennaran was named that night, donning Enirlic’s own family name and set off with the cleric to travel the world.

Clerical Initiation ~15

In their journeys Enirlic introduced Lennaran to way of a cleric of Hemannis, which he adopted slowly but surely. After their time in Tierra del Sol Enirlic felt it right to more officially establish Lennaran as a fully fledged cleric, even if he himself didn’t think he was ready. Lennaran begun the almost ritualistic act of chronicling his experiences through his journeys and practiced his healing and survival skills with Enirlic.

The Next Stage ~19

Lennaran and Enirlic soon traveled to Decidua in their pilgrimage and it was there that Lennaran’s life would change yet again. One night, the two came across a besieged Heatherton village under attack by the same apparitions from Winterhold. The village was lost and Lennaran aand Enirlic were captured, but a last ditch, and fatal spell from Enirlic managed to obliterate the enemy forces. From his dying words, Enirlic bestowed upon Lennaran his magic pendant, and staff. Giving Enirlic a proper burial, Lennaran journeys to Accacia to assist in the Applestock Harvest, determined to continue his pilgrimage.


From his tough early childhood, and loss of his mother, Lennaran is a closed off and shy individual. Along with his half-orc heritage leading to early on discrimination in Utran, Lennaran has difficulty trusting people and speaking up for himself. The dependence on his own abilities to keep himself and his mother alive gave him the mentality that he must rely on himself and that he can protect those around him. The losses of his mother and his mentor Enirlic puts a burden on him that he wasn’t strong enough, which still remain as his sole regrets. As such, the way of a Hemannis cleric resonated well with Lennaran in that it promotes growth in the individual for the benefit of the group.

Campfires, Hearty Meals, Books, Learning, Animals, Magic

Snow, Death, Military Authority, Azanahr, Killing, Sleeping In

Lennaran Freiyad

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