XP Bonuses

there are several bonuses avaliable each session. apart from encounter XP, story XP and your Attendance Bonus of 50, there are 4 random bonus slots, 2 worth 300, and 2 worth 150. these will be selected by the DM as appropriate to the session.

Regular Bonuses

  • Roleplay Bonus (for the best roleplayer of the session, this includes all skill checks with roleplay elements, eg. diplomacy, intimidate)
  • Skill Monkey Bonus (for the use of the best or the most skills)
  • Ingenious Bonuse (for the best save or smartest move)
  • Bonus of Shame (for a fail so bad, the rest of the party give you pity XP)
  • Team Dungeon 2 (for the best teem player)
  • Jack of No Trades (most use of nagatively modified skills)
  • Lucky Bastard (Best Roller)
  • Critically Unlucky (Worst Roller)
  • Black Knight (sustaining the highest amount of damage without even breaking a sweat)
  • Burn Ointment (most scathing call or comment, IC or OOC)
  • Steel Bladder (for staying at the table even when you really needed to go elsewhere
  • Picasso’s Apprentice (most creative, grousome or best described attack)
  • The Process (for staying in character beyond needing to)
  • Rube Golberg Fan (accomplishing a task in the most roundabout or indirect way)
  • Contemporary Art & Literature in a modern imaginative space award, (for outstanding excellence in description and flavour.)
  • The Master Shopper Award!
  • The Waste Not, Want Not award
  • Double Attendance Bonus (Stackable)
  • Triple Attendance Bonus (Stackable)
  • 5x Attendance Bonus (Stackable)

Former PC Bonuses

  • The Briar-Rose Award (for outstanding excellence in avoiding combat or conflict)
  • The Kyre-Sain award (for outstanding excellence in working against the party to achieve a goal)
  • The Dave Ej award (for outstanding excellence in bad decision making)

XP Bonuses

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