Waveham is an island town spread across 3 small islands on the south-eastern tip of the wild hams, a large group of islands on the southern end of Tierra Del Sol. A Diamondite dome was placed around the town and warded against dragons, demons, angels and many other entities by the paranoid lord incumbent, Lord Wagsly.




Shops, Facilities and Places

HD Blacksmiths

Founded by Harrison Diecast, his smithing was known kingdom wide, but upon his untimely death, the shop was left to his two bickering sons, Fletcher and Warpage, unable to share, the brothers split the shop in half, with Warpage’s side dealing weapons while Fletcher’s deals in armour and sheilds

Assid’s Aquisitions

down a back alley behind the Spider’s Legs Cafe is an unremarkable looking metal door, after knocking 3 times and proving your identity and intentions to the sentient door, a patron will find themselves in a dank looking storage shed where a cloaked figure sits behind a wooden desk, grinning by the light of a candle. this is D’Jay Assid, Waveham’s only dealer in black market magical contraband and enchantments.

Mr Mickle, Fine Tailor

Mr Mickle makes outfits to measure to order, his walls are lined with shelves of fabric and premade clothes. he is not experienced in women’s clothes, but will attempt them if the right price is offered.

Con’s general store

owned and founded by Con Templar, this general store sells all the home, gardening, mining and adventuring supplies you could ever need, as well as being the only food store other than the cafe on non-market days.


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