Solan was the Middle daughter of Autor, Goddess of Tierra Del Sol and the Hobbits

Domains: Sun, Fire, Travel, Trickery

Solan was the silent sibling. She hardly spoke to others and her island, Del Sol, was beautiful with meadows and rolling hills. She created the Halflings in her own image.

When the world was first created, the races of man were unable to use or harness fire, being reserved for only The Gods and The Guardians. Solan decided this was not fair and gave the gift of fire to her people, where it soon spread to the other races, Autor was furious and bound Solan to the sky, forcing her to orbit the earth for 1000 years

without a God to offer protection, the land became a wasteland during the events of The Great Purge and the Hobbits population of the realm was almost completely wiped out as a result. Solan became bitter and hated the other races who abandoned her people in their hour of need and she was forced to watch. it is said that flames are a divine focusing of her constant anger.

Worshippers of Solan are only Hobbits, as Solan will not bestow her gifts on any other race. the church of Solan is central to Hobbit society and rarely will you find a tribe or settlement without a cleric of Solan. Clerics of Solan wear bright Orange robes with ruby red trimmings and yellow sleeves, they are great pyromancers and survivalists, persevering every day in harsh territory like Solan does everyday, bound to the sky


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