Hemannis, ‘The Chronicler’ (NG)

Domains: Travel, Good, Knowledge

Formerly one of the early humans of Grandlake, Hemannis was also one of the few to pioneer the spoken form and written text for the universal language, ‘Common’. He quickly gained recognition as quite the scholar and chronicler of the worldly happenings, a trait which was surprisingly favoured by the high gods. Particularly Graeus and Mendem spent many days conversing with Hemannis about the world, and other philosophical topics.

Through their time together, Hemannis grew close to the high gods, so much so that one could have mistaken him as one of their own as well. He was granted god-like powers to continue his chronicles, and as such, dominion over time, travel, and the forefront of knowledge among the deities of Sezony.

In present day, Hemannis is depicted as a blind, old man, clad in grey-white robes, hooded and burdened by a large album which he would write on with a large feathered quill. Some report seeing him in large bustling cities, while others, at relatively deserted crossroads; Though the vast majority believe Hemannis no longer takes material form.

Hemannis and those who follow his teachings value the acquisition of knowledge to broaden ones understanding, but mainly in the intent to help people. Typically, these people will go on journeys spanning many foreign continents, never really staying anywhere for very long so as to accumulate as much experience as possible. Clerics who follow Hemannis’ teachings make it a focus to write down their experiences, to be reflected on as a ritual to Hemannis and his seeming boundless depth of knowledge.


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