Gods of the Realm

In the beginning there was nothing. Autor, the force of good in the cosmos, the creator, created the heavens and the earth.
He created the laws of this material world, the arcane, the divine and the physical laws. He created the oceans and the creatures within. The reason why is unknown, as the primordial gods work in very mysterious ways.

Over time, the people of this world begun to worship 5 gods: Graeus, God of the Humans and Justice; Decid, Goddess of the Elves and forces of nature; Mendem, God of the Dwarves and the earth; Solan, Goddess of the Halflings and fire; and Accacia, Goddess of the Gnomes, agriculture and forgiveness. two more gods also existed in the original pantheon, but their churches have fallen into disuse over time. they are Oxfore, God of Passage; and Hemannis, God of lore. The 7 gods are collectively known as the children of Autor

Major Gods (The Children of Graeus)

Graeus (LG)

Eldest son of Autor, God of the Humans and Justice

Domains: Light, Life, Tempest (5E); Water Earth, Law, Magic (3.5E)

Main Article: Graeus

Decid (TN)

Eldest daughter of Autor, Goddess of the Elves, the Druids and nature

Domains: Nature, Life, Knowledge (5E) Plant, Protection, Animal, Healing (3.5E)

Decid was quiet and peaceful and it is reflected in her homeland of Decidua. Angels of Decid are known as Wardens

Main Article: Decid

Mendem (CN)

2nd son of Autor, God of the Dwarves, resilience and the earth

Domains: War, Tempest, Nature (5E) Strength, Knowledge, Air, Chaos (3.5E)

He was the physically strongest of the 5 and lived in the harsh environment of Winterhold where only tough beings could survive. Angels of Mendem are known as Hammermen

Main Article: Mendem

Accacia (NG)

Youngest daughter of Autor, Goddess of the Gnomes, Agriculture and forgiveness

Domains: Life, Love, Nature, Knowledge (5E) Luck, Plant, Good, Healing (3.5E)

Main Article: Accacia (god)

Solan (NE)

Middle daughter of Autor, Goddess of the Hobbits, the sun and anger

Domains: Trickery, War, Tempest (5E) Sun, Fire, Travel, Trickery (3.5E)

Main Article: Solan

Oxfore (LN)

Youngest son of Autor, God of Passage and the afterlife

Domains: Death, Knowledge, Life (5E) Death, Destruction, Law, War (3.5E)

Main Article: Oxfore

Hemannis (NG)

God of Time, Scripture and forgotten lore

Domains: Knowledge, Life, Love (5E) Travel, Good, Time, Knowledge (3.5E)

Main Article: Hemannis

Minor Gods and Demi Gods

Zarongel (CE)

God of Goblins and Dog-killing

Domains: Trickery, Tempest (5E) Evil, Destruction, Trickery (3.5E)

Darmisiouth (CE)

God of Trickery and Baked Goods

Domains: Trickery, War (5E) Chaos, Fire, Trickery (3.5E)

Gods of the Realm

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