Applestock Village

The Gnomish Village of Applestock is considered the “fruit basket” of Sezony. The town sits on a small peninsula on the far east side of Accacia and is surrounded by orchards of apples, pears and peaches.


Applestock Tavern

Applestock Cider, the most widely available alcohol in Sezony, is produced in the downstairs brewery of Applestock Tavern. a central hub for the village, villagers come here to relax and perhaps munch on an apple steak.

The Town Hall

The town hall is run by and lived in by Mayor Greenholm and his wife, with a small lecturn sitting out the front for special events. the building is two 2 stories tall with a small prison around the back in the basement.

Applestock’s Annual Harvest Festival

Every year, the town holds a festival to mark the beginning of harvest, games are played, souveneirs are sold, cider is drunk and apples are picked. the mayor gives his annual address on the second day of the festival every year

The Scarlet Bandana

Prior to the year 2161, The Scarlet Bandana were previously a constant threat to the town of Applestock. seeing the defenceless town as easy pickings, the bandit group regularly raided and pillaged the village. the bandit’s applestock operations were led by Jeremiah Sharp prior to the dragon wars.

Minotaur Invasion

In the year 2193, the village was ransacked and mostly destroyed by a large group of minotaurs. The town was soon taken back by the royal navy.


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