This is the page for the Island of Spring, Accacia; for the God of the Gnomes, see Accacia (god)

Accacia, colloquially known as the isle of spring, is one of the 5 islands in the Kingdom of Sezony and the Autor Archipeligo. it’s capital is Grainfare, and it is lorded by Lord Duncan of house Mae, who’ve held dominion over the land since the establishment of Grainfare.

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While human settlements cover most of the central and southern western areas of Accacia, the island is traditionally and historically home to the gnomes, who have since either integrated into the human culture, or remained in their small villages in the Northern woods. some have even embraced the culture and started human-style settlements, such is the case with Applestock. The great elven city of Eredar is also located in a clearing on the northern coast and is used as an outpost for the elven cities in Decidua. on the north eastern corner of the island lies a small peninsula in which the sizable orc stronghold Umug can be found. In the far southern foothills, the small dwarven settlement of Tartane operates independent of the rest of the island with quarries throughout the area. in the marshy Brinestomp Swamp south of the human town of Evergreen Keep reside the Licktoad goblins of Mudd village

The Island is sometimes called the “food basket of Sezony” due to agriculture being the predominant industry with some small towns like Applestock, relying solely on one type of agriculture. other major industries include Logging (in Edgetown), Fishing (in fisherman’s haven) and Masonry (in Tartane).

Current Events

  • The yearly harvest fast approaches and Grainfare is becoming a large hub of activity as people from all around travel to sell their produce. harvest festivals are happening all around the island.
  • The local vagrant group, ‘The Scarlet Bandana’ has moved on from terrorizing the towns of Applestock and Mudd and onto a grander plan which involves Evergreen Keep and Grainfare
  • The Goblins of Mudd recently ransacked Evergreen Keep but the humans were able to hold them off
  • Continued logging of the forest surrounding the town of Edgetown threatens the homes of the elves, gnomes and other life in the Northern woods.
  • The Kobold gold mines in Mae Rock have severed contact with the trading post in fisherman’s haven and all who enter the mine have stopped returning.

List of Settlements in Accacia
Grainfare (Human Capital of Accacia)
fisherman’s haven (Human Fishing town]]
Eredar (Elven outpost city)
(PLACEHOLDER) (Main Gnomish city)
Applestock (Gnomish fruit-growing village, very human in nature)
Evergreen Keep (an ex-military settlement)
Edgetown (Human town on edge of Northern woods
Tartane (Dwarven masons)
Mudd (goblin village of the Licktoad tribe)
Umug (Orcish Stronghold)

Other Places in accacia
Scarlet Hideout originally known as “Montor’s Camp”
Marigold Caverns
The Crossroads Inn
Red Island
Mae Rock mines
Dusty Ranges
Northern woods
Brinestomp Marsh


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