Golden Axe of the Physicist

(DESTROYED) +1 Axe of Greater Mage Hand

weapon (melee)

+1 Axe of Greater Mage Hand

A regular axe, that happens to be made of gold, that also happens to be magical.

When it impacts upon surfaces, it lets out a pulse of energy proportional to the force of the impact, that can stir up dust or throw people, including it’s wielder, against walls.


Dave recovered the axe from Marigold Caverns after slaying it in 1-6: The Journey to Evergreen Keep. He then used it against the guards who pursued him through the tunnel in 1-7: Green, Red and Respect for the Dead, throwing the guards, and himself, against the walls of Slart’s Tunnel.

It was later claimed by the guard captain after Dave was jailed. the Guard Captain used it against the goblins in 1-8: FIRE! . he was killed and a goblin bard stole it from his corpse, after that goblin’s death, it’s presumably returned to the town of Evergreen Keep where it was seen once more in the possession of Jeremiah Sharp during the events of 2-0: Operation Granny Smith.

The Axe was salvaged from the dilapidating town of Evergreen Keep by a Black Ash Rebellion salvage team but was sundered and destroyed by Olaf Svensson in [[2-7: Return to the Island of Red | 2-7: Return to the Island of Red]]

Golden Axe of the Physicist

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