Einherjar's Bite

A magical greatsword that has a frozen mist-like aura.

weapon (melee)

Einherjar’s Bite
Greatsword (2d6, 19-20×2, melee, slashing)
+2 Enhancement Bonus
1d6 Bonus Frost Damage

This blade was recovered from a treasure trove found in a troll cave. The weapon was claimed by Olaf Svensson, a Barbarian who found the blade to remind him of home. Indeed, the blade is possibly of Winterhold design, as frost enchantments are particularly popular there. The blade certainly has proven it’s worth, having helped him slay many a foe some would deem perhaps too powerful even for him.

Then again, does the blade maketh the man, or the man maketh the blade?


Einherjar's Bite

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