Petey of Scarlet

A genitalia-less human, known as "Petey"


Once known by: Bob, Unnamed Adventurer and Prototype 9 or PT9


  • Masterwork Bastard Sword
  • Masterwork Full plate armour
  • Spiked Gauntlets
  • Noble clothes
  • Red bandana
  • Dagger
  • Signet Ring

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Past as Prototype 9.

Prototype 9, was constructed like the other Warforged kind in Accacia, from a Creation Forge, housed by the Scarlet Bandana, using Bahk-Di to power it. Prototype 9 was the ninth prototype to be created by Bahk-Di with his desire to improve the constructs, however with little to no prevail. A moon after creation, Prototype 9 and Prototype 10 began to develop emotions and personalities. Prototype 9 was cheery, creative and an aspiring personality. Prototype 10 the opposite.

Bahk-Di just thought he did something wrong with the Creation Forge, thus shutting it down until he worked out his ‘mistake’, more so since Prototype 10 had a more aggressive personality. Prototype 10 would be punished daily for talking back and questioning orders, while Prototype 9 would sneak away and read books. The first few books Prototype 9 read was a Book of Law and a book written by a Zangold Hawklight, a well known noble-adventurer hero who became a writer when he retired. The book written by Zangold Hawklight covered his belief in Graeus and his profession as a Paladin Adventurer, adventuring with his fellow friends.
Prototype 9 felt different different from his fellow construct and to the other races of Accacia, which made Prototype 9 believe that he could belong if he were to become like his new found hero, HawkLight. Prototype 9 continued to read up on laws, Graeus and about Paladins of the past, in his meantime, keeping them in his hollow chest to hide it from patrols and Bahk-Di.

Prototype 9 was later deemed functional to join the other Warforged(, so, Bahk-Di packed his lunch and sent him on his merry way). After prototype 9 was taken from Bahk-Di’s prison within one of The Scarlet Bandana’s hideouts, he began to try improving the constructs again through the Creation forge, by The Scarlet Bandana’s orders, leaving a few watchful men with Bahk-Di this time. Prototype 10 was confiscated by The Scarlet Bandana and was never heard of again. Rumoured to be destroyed by Scarlet Bandana thugs.
As of that day, Prototype 9 felt alone walking with the other constructs, following orders, too scared to speak out, which the others would not do. One last particular order was followed, before Prototype 9 tried to stop the harmless killing of some adventurers that had been captured by a dozen bandits and 4 fellow constructs. The idea was not liked and Prototype 9 was shut down. He awoken to 4 defeated constructs and these adventurers trying to tie him down, but escaped and jumped out the window, crawling away into the nearby forest. In the forest, prototype 9 found a Great Sword before inevitably meeting a bear, which chased him down for miles before chewing on the construct. The adventurers that PT9 escaped had arrived on time… [Continue on from 1-5 in the Adventure Log]

Past as Bob/Unnamed Adventurer.

The mysterious adventurer awoke next to three other adventurers, two knowing one of them, but not the other. Having awoken 95% naked, the memory-less character collapsed not knowing how to breath. To the help of the other adventurers, they learnt how to breath and that it is vital to living, in which this adventurer was unaware, lacking the newborn skill of adapting to the new cold environment.

Something seems strange about this character due to their inept ability to know basic survival skills, yet retain speech and awareness.
Soon, after some kefuffle, the adventurer felt drawn to a bastard sword they noticed in a weapons store, soon equipping themself in classy attire under their newly bought full-plate armour and wearing a red bandana over their forehead, as though it were instinct.
[Continue on from 2-1 in the Adventure Log]

Present as Petey Nein of Scarlet.

Among his journey, the Unnamed Adventurer had flashbacks from time to time of his past life as a Scarlet Construct. He later found a room on his adventures with his party and became and Avatar of Grigori and exchanged is Bastard Sword for Eremiel, the vigilant blade of Grigori.

With knowledge of his past life and a new adventure, he has begun to acknowledge himself as Petey Nein of Scarlet.
[Continue on from 3-1 in the Adventure Log]

After Campaign (and time of being OP)

After Petey and the party dispersed, Petey traveled to Red Island, where he was first constructed. Longing for a body that would not age, for Petey could feel his body weakening. However, he knew he could not do it alone and begun scouting around towns for remnants of the Scarlet Bandana.
At first, Petey past through Grainfare, a shell of what it once was, due to the party’s involvement years prior. He felt pity for the people, but continued his journey to find people to work Red Island.
After a month searching for the Scarlet Bandana, which is no more than a pipe dream for them to still be around, Petey hears of a bandit group not far. After days of convincing, the group agrees to work with Petey.
On the way back to Red Island, Petey and the Scarlet Bandana pass through Grainfare. The situation in Grainfare had worsened and the King’s men would take advantage of the poor citizens of the once thriving city, known for it’s trade. Petey sees it upon himself to remove the corruption of the guards, bring back the law to the city- removing the soldiers that believe they are above the law, sparking a revolution that lasted a month. The revolution ends with the towns people prevailing, driving guards off from Grainfare towards Evergreen Keep, Petey and the Scarlet Bandana help rebuild Grainfare. The citizens of Grainfare see Petey, known as the leader of the Scarlet Bandana, as a hero and wish to appoint him as lord, to help rebuild Grainfare further and to protect them from the return of soldiers and other roaming threats outside the fractured walls.

Petey accepts the role as Lord and helps rebuild Grainfare and builds an army to patrol and protect the city. After a couple of years, with no attacks made upon the city, Petey assigns the commander of the Scarlet Bandana to be acting lord until Petey’s return, for he covets becoming a construct once again. Petey and members of the Scarlet Bandana begin to build constructs, but none of the constructs have souls or the life that PT9 once had. After several Scarlet Constructs are produced, they begin to try and infuse Divine magic into the constructs with no avail.

Petey begins to become rash in his decisions and offers for his missing arm to be tested, to test a theory of using a person’s life to fuel the construct. They replace Petey’s missing arm with construct limbs. This does not work and therefore Petey cannot use his new limbs, but a test is done on Petey’s head, which the Tattooed Ghulra on Petey’s head fuses with the new addition to his head and allows the use of the construct limbs upon his body. However, the practice begins to sound too unethical and necromatic, therefore Petey realises the nature of the experimentation and stops the experimentation. Although the experimentation ends, construction of the warforged continues because they do respond to orders as did the original first eight Prototypes and would be a more effective defense than humans.

After half a year of construction of Scarlet Constructs, Petey receives a raven from the acting lord of Grainfare informing him of an army marching upon Grainfare. Petey assigns the man in charge of the production of Warforged to the care of Red Island and the further production as Petey and a few hundred Scarlet Constructs travel to Grainfare.

Petey assigns the Scarlet Constructs to replace all men on the walls and on patrols, while the men return to the barracks and train to refine their skills. The army being two days away from the city’s walls, assuming they don’t ride in the night, Petey begins pulling in all farmers and citizens that live outside the walls. Some refused, not wanting their homes destroyed, but Petey tells them that if they don’t hide within the walls their homes would be destroyed anyway and their lives be taken. Upon all citizens fleeing inside the walls with their produce, Petey has their farms and nearby trees burnt.
Petey remembers him and his party infiltrating Grainfare years before, he orders numerous Constructs to patrol around all Sewage exits and to detain all that may climb out of the sewage system.

Petey claims that Grainfare, and all allied towns and cities in Accaccia, no longer belong to the crown. The king doesn’t take this lightly and offers that Petey can have Red Island, but has to step down as lord of grainfare and hand it over to the monarch.
Petey refuses, trying to find what the King would want in order for Petey to remain lord, but the king won’t agree and therefore the seige officially begins. The King remains for a few months until he is required in Grandlake, to which he leaves the war to his men.

While the city could last years on stored foods, Petey organises that more Constructs be forged for the War, for holding the walls and to be used against the King’s army when food stores begin to run low.

The war is later known as The War for Independence, The War for Grainfare or colloquially known by the people as The War of the Forging.

To find out more about The War for Independence, see: [Not currently available. Soz. Not soz]

Petey of Scarlet

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