Givanni Leagallio (da Solenzia)

A charismatic halfling dressed in fine clothing with a visible shortbow and rapier.



Name: Givanni Leagallio (da Solenzia)
Level: 3
Race: Halfling
Sub-Race: Lightfoot
Class: Rogue
Archetype: Assassin
Background: Charlatan/Criminal
Player Character: Billy (Kakashi57) – No longer main
Alignment: N/CN
EXP: ****


Prof. Bonus: +2
Inspiration: +1

Strength: 11 (+0 bonus)
Saving Throw: Not Proficient.
Athletics: Not Proficient.

Dexterity: 19 [18 + 1 Halfling dex bonus] (+4 bonus)
Saving Throw: Proficient.
Acrobatics: Proficient.
Sleight of Hand: Proficient.
Stealth: Proficient. (x2 Expertise)

Constitution: 12 (+1 bonus)
Saving Throw: Not Proficient.

Intelligence: 15 (+2 bonus)
Saving Throw: Proficient.
Arcana: Not Proficient.
History: Not Proficient.
Investigation: Not Proficient.
Nature: Not Proficient.
Religion: Not Proficient.

Wisdom: 10 (+0 bonus)
Saving Throw: Not Proficient.
Animal Handling: Not Proficient.
Insight: Not Proficient.
Medicine: Not Proficient.
Perception: Not Proficient.
Survival: Not Proficient.

Charisma: 18 [17 + 1 Lightfoot Char bonus] (+4 bonus)
Saving Throw: Proficient.
Deception: Proficient. (x2 Expertise)
Intimidation: Not Proficient.
Performance: Proficient.
Persuasion: Proficient.

Other stats

AC: 15 [11 (Leather armour) + 4 (Dex bonus)]
Initiative: +4 (Dex bonus)
Speed: 25ft (/50ft Dash)
Hit points max: 21

Other proficiencies and languages


Light armour, Simple weapons, Hand Crossbows, Long swords, Rapiers, Short swords, Thieves’ tools.
One type of gaming set, Forgery kit
Disguise set and poison kit


Common, Halfling.



  • +1 to dex
  • Lucky: Reroll a natural 1 on any attack roll, ability check or saving throw.
  • Brave: Advantage on saves against being frightened.
  • Halfling Nimbleness: A halfling can move through the space of any larger creature.


  • +1 to char
  • Naturally Stealthy: Can attempt to hide behind a creature one size larger.


  • Criminal Contact: Self-explanatory (LEL)

Assassin Archetype

  • Bonus proficiencies: You gain proficiency with the disguise kit and the poisoner’s kit.
  • Assassinate: You have advantage on attack rolls against any creature that hasn’t taken a turn in the combat yet. In addition, any hit you score against a creature that is surprised is a critical hit.


Level one

  • Expertise: Bonus doubled on two ability checks: Stealth and Deception
  • Sneak attack: Extra 1d6 damage on a creature that is struck by a character that is stealthed.
  • Thieves’ cant: Seekret thief talk

Level two

  • Cunning action: Bonus action for Dash, Disengage and Hide.

Level three

  • Sneak attack does an extra 1d6 damage. (2d6 for Sneak attack)


  • Rapier
  • Shortbow and quiver of 20 (7)

Burglar’s pack

  • Backpack
  • 1000 ball bearings
  • 10ft string
  • a bell
  • 5 candles
  • crowbar
  • hammer
  • 10 pitons
  • hooded lantern
  • 2 flasks of oil
  • 5 day rations
  • tinderbox
  • waterskin
  • 50ft hempen rope
  • Leather armour
  • Two daggers
  • Thieves’ tools
  • Fine clothes with hood
  • Belt pouch with 43gp



Age: 22
Height: 3’2"
Weight: 35lb
Eye colour: Hazel
Skin: Light tan
Hair: Dark brown, wavy.

Allies [meta]

  • Leagallio family main branch.
  • Leagallio family other branches (iffy depending on certain members).
  • Solence/Skull Pass carta
  • Ethan (PC)
  • Big Flurx (Goblin Chief of Skergrad Kingdom)

Backstory [Also meta]


Givanni Leagallio is apart of the Leagallio Family, a Halfling Crime family that moved to Winterhold with other Halflings fleeing Tierra De Sol. The Leagallio family uses the guise of being a popular tourist Inn, filled with amazing performances that range from singing to juggling. The Leagallio family has rarely been questioned in terms of crimes within the Halfling community Solence (Sol Town), due to the family’s strict business ranking and leaving no loose ends.

Givanni Leagallio is a higher member of the family, being the eldest child within his immediate family. Due to his ranking, he is trusted with more family secrets than his younger siblings and cousins, and is a contract killer for the family, to kill squealers (family or no) or people late on payment.


Involvement with Skull Pass story

A member of the Leagallio family has gone missing and Givanni was entrusted to find the missing member. Givanni began his search around Solence, working his way through taverns further and further from Solence. He was present in the Saucy Mermaid where a hairy human asked a bunch of locals to find his son and would be willing to reward them. The locals grouped up, as did Givanni, and began to search for Krag, son of Dorg Blackhand, the local blacksmith.

Givanni Leagallio (da Solenzia)

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